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Working with Green Screen and Motion Animation for Special Effects

It has always been a "secret dream" of mine to create funny shorts for kids! It has also been a desire to start working more with special effects. With this personal project, "Jasper the Super Kleekai", I am realizing both these two dreams!

This project is not entirely perfected yet - many of the artifacts of Green Screening could use some

more hours to remove and make the production more slick, but hey, who's perfect? I am choosing to show this piece as a "work in progress", and I will post more as this project progresses.

Jasper the Super Kleekai as the Red Baron

Jasper the Super Kleekai is a crime fighting flying dog with a mind of her own and wits out of the ordinary. In this funny short, Super Jasper fights the legendary Red Baron... or who is really flying the plane?

Model: Jasper the Kleekai

Trainer / Owner: Debbie Kaupps

Videography & Animation: Bjorn Ulfsson & Terri Casella

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