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A documentary portrait of an Artist: Surrealist Painter in the Canarian Archipelago

"What is art? To me, art is a skill. To create good literature is the art of writing. To risk your life high up in a circus-tent by performing in a trapeze, it is circus-art. An orator can be an artist of words. Art is a skill, but it is also to dare. To dare to do something totally unexpected. To use your imagination, colours and shapes, with the intention to visualize reality".

Such are the words of Swedish surrealist painter Karl Gustav Thulin whom we had the honour and good fortune to work with for two years, documenting his life and work on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain.

The result is a beautiful, surreal and poetic film which mirrors the artist's layered, dreamlike way of working.

Intercut with Thulin's monumental, colourful and sometimes bizarr images are stunning shots from the Canarian wilderness; the high mountains, the remote villages and the everpresent ocean. This film is directed, shot and edited by Björn Ulfsson & Terri Casella, in collaboration with the artist.

Surrealist in the Canarian Archipelago

50 Minutes

Feature Documentary about Swedish Surrealist painter Karl Gustav Thulin and his life & work on Gran Canaria, Spain.

Please observe that this film has gone through a number of compressions and conversions, and the video quality is now unfortunately a shadow of it's former glory.

English Dubbed Voiceover - Voice by Björn Ulfsson as The Artist


2005 - 2006

Videography by Björn Ulfsson

Directed by Björn Ulfsson, Terri Casella & Karl Gustav Thulin

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