Production Year:

2009 - 2010

English & Flemish w Eng Subs
Directed by Terri Casella / Björn Ulfsson
Story / Screenplay by Björn Ulfsson

/ Terri Casella
Edited by Terri Casella
Videography by Björn Ulfsson &

various news sources
3D-graphics by Mikael Karlsson
Contacts coordination and Fire Behavior expertise by Tore Eriksson / CTIF / MSB
Recorded in Ukkel / Brussels (BELGIUM)



Two Brussels Firefighters Dead in Industrial Fire



The industrial fire in Ukkel, outside of Brussels, was a routine operation for the experienced team of fire fighters. But when fire gases exploded inside the building, killing two fire fighters and injuring a third, Belgian fire services were shaken to the core. How could this happen to a team, of which one of the fatalities was an experienced flashover instructor? Why did the team not see the signs of the flashover in time? The answer is to be found in the construction of the building, and the Ukkel accident can teach all fire fighters important lessons in fire development.

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