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Terri Casella

is a Director/ Producer/ Artist with a background in Fine Art and Education. 


Bachelor Degree in Education and Bachelor Degree in Fine Art. 


Her love of culture and diversity brings an understanding and sensitivity to all her subjects. ​


Active in video production since 2002, Terri

produced a video series called "90 Seconds" for MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) from 2008 to 2014. This was geared for firefighters and rescue workers. It involved travel to a number of countries in Europe and in the USA. Her videos have been viewed and showcased at numerous of conferences in those countries as well.


Terri Casella started her video career working with Bjorn Ulfsson at Evolving Cultures Productions. There she worked on a number of documentaries shot in Egypt, Gran Canaria and Sweden. She was the recipient of a grant from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts for a documentary called Fiestas of Gran Canaria.


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