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Mats Rosander & Krister Giselsson - The pioneers of the European Model of Interior Offensive Firefighting


Swedish firefighters Mats Rosander and Krister Giselsson were the first to apply the American theories of Fire Gas Cooling and Fire Behaviour in a way that it became accepted and adapted by large numbers of fire services. This film centers around Mats Rosander´s reunion with a number of international instructors who had fought to introduce his ideas in their own countries. 


After many years of working outside of the fire service, and having recently lost his long term friend and firefighting partner Krister Giselsson, the reunion became a both enlightening and emotional event for Mats Rosander.


Camera / DOP: Björn Ulfsson & Leif Seger

Edited by: Terri Casella

2010 - Produced for The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (


The Mathison Files - Living History


This short clip shows highlights from a several hours long Legacy documentary about the Mathison Family in Calgary, AB. The films are centered around the humble yet industrious origins of the "Mathison empire" back in early 1900s Gleichen, AB.


Director: Graydon McCrea

Editor / Director Assistant: Terri Casella

Camera & Sound: Barry Lank

Archival photographs from The Glenbow Museum, Ken Mathison & Dick Haskayne.

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